AdminDash – Bootstrap Admin Template

Updated 18 Aug 2018 (v2.1.0) – Fixes IE11 issues

Meet AdminDash: A complete and powerful admin dashboard template providing extensive and reusable style for your
web applications using the latest Bootstrap 4.

This complete admin template includes premium dashboard designs, custom elements kits, extended Bootstrap
components, advanced layouts, integration samples with 3rd party plugins and many use-case examples suitable for
a variety of projects and niches.

AdminDash works on the last two versions of every major browser. Specifically, we test on Chrome, Firefox, Safari on
Mac, Safari on iOS, IE11, Edge.

Admin Features
Html Kits
Sample Pages

Latest Bootstrap 4

Give your project super-powers with a stunning and functional template built with the latest and much anticipated Bootstrap 4 – the most popular and strongly supported front-end framework.

Fully Responsive

Efficiently scales your websites and applications from phones to tablets to desktops with CSS media queries. Ensure multi device compatibility and progressive enhancement with a mobile first approach.

Browser Support

AdminDash works on the last two versions of every major browser. Specifically, we test on Chrome, Firefox, Safari on Mac, Safari on iOS, IE11 and Edge.

Interactive Web Components

Built with Material Design Kit – a set of interactive web components inspired from Material Design using vanilla CSS, JavaScript and HTML helps you create layouts with navigation drawers, headers and other advanced features.

Multiple Layouts

AdminDash provides multiple layout examples such as fluid layout with a visible desktop drawer and a fixed layout variation with centered wrapper and a floating desktop drawer.

Material Design Icons

Access over 900 material design system icons, available in a variety of sizes and densities, and as a web font under an open source license. Beautifully crafted and designed by Google.

Picto Icons $199 value

You get PictoFoundry’s full collection of 800+ professional icons, from 13 popular icon categories, including arrows, clothing, emotions, food, household, nature, sports, science, shopping, vehicles and more!


Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting for designers and developers, customized to match the theme for beautiful visual representations of your data. Includes useful chart samples – hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Navigation Drawer

A navigation drawer slides from the left or right and contains the navigation destinations for your app. With smart features such as automatic RTL detection and full JavaScript and DOM APIs, it can easily be controlled programatically or just with HTML attributes.

Floating Drawer

A floating navigation drawer spans the height of the screen, with everything behind it visible but darkened by a scrim area. Perfect for applications that require less hierarchy and optimize for screen space, since it has to be activated in order to be visible. All drawers have built-in screen size detection and close on small screens.

Permanent Drawer

A permanent drawer can also span the full height of the screen but can also be clipped under a top navigation header, but in both cases it’s always visible and pinned next to the content. The permanent drawer is the recommended default for desktop screens.


A container element for navigation and other content at the top of the screen with visual effects based on scroll position such as parallax and blending background colors. Add common behavior to your top navigation such as fixed header when scrolling, revealing the header when scrolling up or condensing the header size when scrolling down.


Specialized components for header and content areas that gives you the ability to create a 3D effect of a background moving at a slower rate to the foreground as you scroll down the page, a trendy web design effect which provides an extra nice and subtle element of depth. In addition, background color and image blending effects are also available.


Key components and page samples for your online shop management, with beautiful sales and online visitors statistics provided by the shop dashboard, shopping cart views, invoice sample, account, checkout and payment forms, product and inventory management.


We all love the at-a-glance views of key performance indicators relevant to our business and objectives, provided by dashboards. Well, let your eyes droll on these dashboard samples and imagine those sales and metrics on your project, whether it’s an online shop, a learning management system or a sports team.

Page Examples

AdminDash is packed with examples showing you how to use various components, layout configurations and specific niche topics such as shopping, learning, community, user profiles and many more which gives you a taste of what’s possible using this product.

UI Components

Dozens of components for all your needs, from buttons to dropdowns, alerts, modals, cards, tabs, nestable lists, notifications, icons, progress bars, forms, file uploads, loading spinners, tables, charts and more.

Media Players

Suited for apps related to music, artists and musicians, AdminDash features a music kit packed with custom media players, music players, video players, playlists, top song lists and more, hand-crafted to match the theme.

Built-in Workflow

Includes a modern development workflow based on Webpack which compiles Sass, ES6 JavaScript, handles production builds, watchers, CSS themes and more. You can also use other tools such as Gulp.

Code Distribution

Much of the reusable style and logic is packed into packages easily distributable with highly popular code management tools such as npm and git, which means you can easily install these in your projects.

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