Coffesse | Cafe & Coffee Shop Elementor Template Kit

Coffee shop Elementor template kit like Coffesse offers multiple functions in its pages. Learn its main features and benefits before deciding to purchase one.

Websites promoting coffee shops exude specific lifestyle and the feel of “freshness”. Coffesse, the coffee shop Elementor template kit, help café owners to create a stylish, professional website for their businesses. It combines fresh colors and ideal visual spaces to better advertise your coffee shop.

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Main Features

Coffeese features a perfect café theme to advertise all important aspects of your business. Each page provides a fresh color combination and various features to serve specific functions. The template consists of main features like:

  • Homepage (three options)
  • Store
  • Menu
  • Team
  • What We Offer
  • About
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Contact
The homepage consists of three options you can choose to match your coffee shop aesthetic. The overall design is fresh, neat, and non-fussed, with the perfect style for a restaurant or other dining/drinking establishments. Coffesse needs Elementor Pro as its main premium plugin.

All Features

  • Styles and effects are created within Elementor panel, using no coding at all
  • 100% compatibility with the free version of Elementor
  • Save money! This kit uses Free Google Fonts and doesn’t require Elementor Pro
  • 10 Customizable Page Layouts
  • More than 20 well-designed Sections Templates
  • Sleek and minimalist Style
  • Stylish colors and hues
  • Responsive and excellent for Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile
  • Design of All main WordPress Widgets
  • Pixel Seamless Design
  • Easy to Use and Modify
  • Fully Fluid Responsive
  • Fully Editable Symbols
  • Responsive and professional support by dedicated team

Reasons to Use Coffesse

Coffesse is a perfect tool to build a website for promoting coffee shops. You can use it to promote an entire menu on specific pages. Use the Menu page to display beautiful pictures of various coffee beverages, complete with their prices. Tempt prospective customers with your list of espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte, mocha, macchiato, flat white, cold brew, and other popular brews.

The dynamic page also allows you to promote special brews. Use this function to highlight specialty beverages or menu of the day, and they will appear with bigger images on different spots. Each beverage name also comes with a description in a smaller typeface. For promotional efforts, use the Our Store page to promote your business place and branches. If you sell specialty coffee beans or house blends, you can list the places that sell them outside your coffee shop.

Creating a coffee shop website is no longer difficult. Coffesse is one of the most reliable coffee shop Elementor template kits. Start your website and see how much you engage with a professional-looking website.


  • This is not wordpress theme, it is Elementor template kits.
  • What is the Elementor Template Kits? The Elementor Template Kits is a library which contains over 10 pre-designed page templates, as well as templates that were saved by the user. The Library allows you to quickly create designed pages and customize them to be your own, saving you from building all pages from scratch.

How to use this Template Kit

We have a great time designing these layouts for Elementor, and hopefully you like them.

for more information please read the official documentation from envato:

The demo images used in this template are taken from Envato Elements. You can replace them with your own images or buy the image license from Envato Elements if you want to use them on your website.

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